When Too Wet For Walkies – Try Online Exercising

The joy of walking each daytime has now receded a little.  The winter weather has arrived with a crash and the endless rain, mud and splashing that accompanies the brisk trot up and around the byways has made me try to find alternative methods to stay fit.   Whereas in the warmer months it was no problem negotiating round folk meandering along at the top end of a dog lead.  I love whiling away a few minutes with each one – chatting about the pooch and who’s been doing what and where.  Now though we just go along, in our own separate ways, heads down and desperately trying to avoid getting soaked to the skin.  Keeping healthy and fit does not need equipment.  If it’s really too bad to go out then an online exercise routine done morning and evening, with an experienced and qualified trainer is an excellent alternative.   They really encourage the right type of movement and if kept up for a month or so, each routine will return some super effective results!