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Unique Birthday Adventure On The Cards

This year I have shifted away from the conventional birthday present for my daughter – she was thirty recently and the subject of a gloriously happy and present filled party.  I decided to do a mother and daughter themed jaunt to the capital . . . . .  visiting our old stomping ground from happy days when we worked in opposite ends of one train line and we used to regularly meet up somewhere in the middle.

When we were sitting down to choose how we would be filling our 3 days together, it was fascinating to note that we had much the same idea about what we wanted to do.  Despit not being a child anymore, visiting a major zoo was high on the list.  As was taking part in a night time ghost walk around haunted pubs in the creepier parts of the old city.   Great mirth and merriment was had in trying to narrow down a hundred idea to about 8!

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