Themes, Schemes & Dreams For The Best Gifting

I’m not sure why buying gifts for friends and relatives in the springtime seems less arduous than in the autumn and winter – it must be the way my brain works.  Perhaps because my birthday is at the end of the year – and I’m generally bought winterproof items for mine.  I do enjoy selecting gifts for certain members of my family more than others.  For the folk who seem to already have everything, this is really tiresome.  Trying to think of an original gift that will be appreciated and used.  Mind you this seems to fox some folk who have a serious lack of imagination for me too.  I have received numerous teapots, mugs, garden vouchers, plants and pots.  Using a proper gift site has proven such a winner for me personally.  I originally listed who I need to buy for and when.  I get reminders in good time and can choose from a miriad of Ideas!