The Prom Gets Bigger & Dearer Yearly

Having just returned from a trip abroad, it seems that I’ve not missed the annual peacock parade – school leavers donning their very hired best and beetling off down to the school end of year Prom.  As that is actually short for the word Promenade, we can tell that some walking and posturing is always expected.  The youngsters, not only the girls, love the grown up bit – leaving home to be driven by limousine to the venue.  Lots of young ladies together do make a spectacular show especially with the combinations of hand bags, hi heels and hi levels of torture!  The anxiety brought on by the need for the Prom dress to be absolutely the very best is unbelievable and woe betide any parent that suggested they miss out on the Prom!  The way to ease the pain of expense is to provide the youngsters with gift vouchers for all the stores where Prom gear is available – and some means of sharing the limo costs between them all.  Everything can be sorted up front with less hassle.