The Gift Of & Healthy Living & Cooking Skills

One of the best gifts mums can pass to their children is that of a healthy lifestyle combined with knowledge of how to achieve that.   This point has been acutely prominent with my neighbours.  The family look fit – the mum works part time in a high end gym and sees many a pretty person wafting past during her duty hours.  This has inspird her to control her own lifestyle and encourage her children to take care.  However, one area she wishes she’d concentrated more time on is the gift of cookery skills to her son!  He has now started a much worked for apprenticeship away from home.  He really did strive hard to get that position – two years at local college to gain the exact pre course qualifications;  good Saturday and holiday jobs utillising his people and physical skills.  But when he came to join other new colleagues in his first ‘digs’ away from home, he realised how much he should have listened to Mum when she tried to teach him to cook so he didn’t rely on processed packet food!