The Fantastic Of Surprise Gifts for Mum

I’ve never really been a very inventive present giver it must be said.  Safe, dependable, but never overly exciting.  It was therefore tremendously excisting when my younger daughter decided to take me for a birthday treat .  I’d been instructed to ensure I was free for a particular weekend, but every other detail remained a surprise.  The only clues given were:  possibly need swimsuit;  you’ll need comfortable walking shoes.  On the morning itself, the secrecy intact.  The only hint being ‘we are heading slightly south’.  I’d been thinking maybe a spa break somewhere – swimsuit always needed.  Not sure about the shoes.  As it happened, I found we were booked on a wonderful cruise liner for a short break – all meals and entertainment were included and we had the most fabulous time.  A truly fantastic gift that any daughter can buy her mum, for sure – whether a special birthday or not!