That Special Exercise Class Never Fails

Being healthy is not only a case of eating and drinking properly.  There is so much more now.  Our health and welfare is judged on not only how we look, but on our mental condition too.  There has been a massive shift in the direction of caring for this side of life.  We have to strike that perfect balance so that the mind is happy, content and relaxed but able to fulfill everything the body needs to function busily and to its maximum.  I’ve found pilates to  be the biggest single item that has helped my mind and body very effectively over the year.   I attend classes with the same tutor for over thirty years and although I know every exercise and relaxation mode, having that unflappable voice reminding me to breathe in here and breathe out there, hold my core at this point or that is essential for the process to help me to function …… and when I’m functioning properly, then my whole day flows effectively.