Team Gifts Win To The Country Despite The Cheating

Everyone around here was very quiet last night – a very seriously critical football match was taking place in the World cup series.  The country was hanging by a thread and had it not been for a couple of missed shots, we would have sewn it up by end of normal play.  But as so often happens, folk got gittery and failed to perform as usual when they were so needed to.  This caused much discussion in the tv studios – when the pundits, all retired footballers themselves, start ripping shreds out of the three lions.  If only they would sit up and praise the lads for making the effort and generally getting behind the team, it would give them so much more confidence.   The crowds were partisan – definitely in favour of our opposition, but we took that on the chin, with the cheating and appallingly bad play from the other side.  Knowing your team out played, out performed and out behaved the cheats was worth the nervous wait!