Stepping Up From Gift Searching To Gym Bunny

Whilst surfing the net, researching for new modern dumbell weights for home, my eyes lit upon an advert for a local gym.  I usully skirt past these – I am not known in the wider circle as a fitness freak.  However, having also checked out some giftware sites for a younger neice and a couple of my grandchildren, I realised that the old fashioned sweaty gym near me had changed hands and had been pimped up to now be a boutique gym just for the ladies – the hours are a bit limited but there’s a much nicer feel about the place.  It’s owned by two sisters who are like slightly chubby Barbie dolls but are both fitness trainers in their own right.  It’s such a great place for doing quick circuit work and going there is steadily increasing my metabollic rate and making me so much stronger.  A best ever gift to me from me.  Win Win!