Selecting The Best Pressies For The Ones We Lov

The time for gift organising is fast approaching.  I tend to sort my year out into pre summer hols and then pre Christmas.  The Easter fest is shortly to hit us.  The shops have been stocking their chocolatey treats for several weeks – and these will have been in the store warehouses for months beforehand.  I was in one high street beauty shop a couple of years ago in August.   A delivery driver came in looking for the manager – his load surprised me, it was their supply of chocolate cream eggs for this coming Easter – more than 6 months away.  Now I like to be organised but that put me right off!  I now have my list of who is to get pressies, who only cards.  I have my favourite online site and I select a gift topic to start with and hundreds of ideas come flooding in.   There are budget ideas, themed gifts, books, puzzles.  Absolutely any idea can be catered for.