Personalised Gifts For The Difficult To Please

Getting that perfect gift can sometimes seem overwhelmingly difficult.  Mothers and aged aunts are so difficult to buy for.  Usually they drop hints throughout the year that they need help with this job or item and when you offer to arrange that help, they suddenly lose interest or get in a state of panic over the cost or having someone in the house.  It’s been a problem in this family of late.  I have decided the best way to deal with pressies for the older set is to use a good quakity gifting site that offeres a wide variety of products that they’ve sourced from good outlets.  Ethical purchases are so important these days and knowing that the producer and supplier is getting the fair market price for their goods matters to me.   I also like the chance to buy unique, different gifts with that little feeling of being specially selected for the recipient.  A personalised hot water bottle cover was very well received this year.  As was a inscribed cheese board and glass dome – that went down particularly well with my great aunt who really is a difficult soul to please!