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Plump For Board Games For Fail Safe Pressie

May 6, 2019 | No Comments

I was getting a gift for a nine year old lass – I don’t really know much about her really but as a favour to someone, I said I’d get it.  Wracked brains and scurrying online for what the up to date young Miss must have didn’t produce the helpful suggestions I hoped for.  However, […]

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Selecting The Best Pressies For The Ones We Lov

April 3, 2019 | No Comments

The time for gift organising is fast approaching.  I tend to sort my year out into pre summer hols and then pre Christmas.  The Easter fest is shortly to hit us.  The shops have been stocking their chocolatey treats for several weeks – and these will have been in the store warehouses for months beforehand.  […]

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Getting Gifts Sussed for The Recipient & The Event

March 11, 2019 | No Comments

We all like to think of good, interesting and reasonably priced gifts for our mums on Mothering Sunday – that joy is looming fast.  I see the adverts for perfumery products, toiletries, nightware, kitchenware . . . .  quite often I’ve scored a success with my own choices – but they are strictly contained within […]

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Themes, Schemes & Dreams For The Best Gifting

February 3, 2019 | No Comments

I’m not sure why buying gifts for friends and relatives in the springtime seems less arduous than in the autumn and winter – it must be the way my brain works.  Perhaps because my birthday is at the end of the year – and I’m generally bought winterproof items for mine.  I do enjoy selecting […]

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Bringing The Goods To Your Door For Calmer Shopping

January 4, 2019 | No Comments

Oh my goodness have we had a Christmas and a half.  Nothing went very well – apart from the catering on the ciritcal days – that was all delicious and cooked to perfection, rather than to within an inch of it’s life, as so many Christmas dinners end up!    I’d been invited to join […]

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Poor Old Dad – He So Needed Online Gifting Sites

December 3, 2018 | No Comments

It’s getting to that critical time of the year now – christmas festivities.  The need to get exactly the right gift for the female half of the family is never more important.  Despite the assurances that ‘anything will be fine’, if you don’t get the right thing, in the correct colour, then it will be […]

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The Fantastic Of Surprise Gifts for Mum

November 5, 2018 | No Comments

I’ve never really been a very inventive present giver it must be said.  Safe, dependable, but never overly exciting.  It was therefore tremendously excisting when my younger daughter decided to take me for a birthday treat .  I’d been instructed to ensure I was free for a particular weekend, but every other detail remained a […]

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Study The Form To Discover The Perfect Pesent

October 9, 2018 | No Comments

When you really need to impress that very special someone in your life, the temptation is probably to to haring down t the local shopping mall and spend an exhorbitant amount on something just because you’ve left it too late and are now panic buying.  The best policy is to take stock, well before the […]

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Stepping Up From Gift Searching To Gym Bunny

September 14, 2018 | No Comments

Whilst surfing the net, researching for new modern dumbell weights for home, my eyes lit upon an advert for a local gym.  I usully skirt past these – I am not known in the wider circle as a fitness freak.  However, having also checked out some giftware sites for a younger neice and a couple […]

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Team Gifts Win To The Country Despite The Cheating

August 4, 2018 | No Comments

Everyone around here was very quiet last night – a very seriously critical football match was taking place in the World cup series.  The country was hanging by a thread and had it not been for a couple of missed shots, we would have sewn it up by end of normal play.  But as so […]

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