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Mum-Daughter Bond Strengthened In Adversity

When my pal’s daughter was gearing up to leave school at 18, she had made plans to go straight into a military band to get her musical career off to a flying start.  As it happened, she got her A level results she rang her mum to announce she would be taking up one of the music degree options at university instead as the grade she got was impressively better than the minimum needed.  So decision made, the day came for mum to take her to Uni – and leave her!

There is always a close bond between mother and daughter – none more so than when dad has sadly departed, as in my pal’s situation, he died of illness.  Mum suddenly has to do all the Dad things as well, however daunting.  So when gifts for mums and daughters are needed, it is so nice to source them from a site dedicated to that closeness.

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