Mothering Sunday Gifts Help Reaffirm That Bond

We had  Mothering Sunday recently – a date notable in every child’s inbuilt diary when prompted by Dad.  In my youth it was simply a case of getting a bunch of flowers of suitable colour and size.  Handing over this one precious gift was more important than the birthday ones – this was the day when we thanked mothers for their efforts in keeping us fed, clothed, clean and fed.  Not necessarily in that order.  today we have fantastic opportunities to provide exotic travel ideas, experience days, as well as the most beautiful clothes, gift packs, jewellery etc. etc.  These items were always available before of course, but it involved much more planning and thought.  Today I browse online and get inspiration and the choice of gifts is amazing.  Mother and daughter days out are a speciality of some and in these ver busy days, what better than a quiet day out together to strengthen those bonds?