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Mothering Sunday Creeps Ever Nearer

You have just got over one fraught present buying expedition – not too bad this time.  You bought the item you saw your special lady hinting at and for the most part, she seemed pretty content.  So you can relax for a little while.  No, don’t think so.  .  .  .  there are the combined evils of valentine’s day and Mother’s Day or Mothering Sunday if you are going to be proper and precise about it.

One in February and the other in March, it does seem a tad hard on the poor chaps who have to honour these commercially engineered gift buying dates in the calender – woe betide him if he refuses to buy in to the hype! But wait, no need for bah humbug.   There are sites out there that can source review and supply an absolutely fab range of gifts for mums, daughters and for each other.  Just a case of looking.  And clicking.

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