Making Your Gifts Look High End, on a Budget!

Buying your gifts online can bring some great benefits, such as getting a real good bargain on an item which you may not have been able to get in store.  When you are working to a tight budget, you can still make your gift appear much fancier than it actually is, simply by the way you present it.  Here are some ideas to help you to wrap and tag your gift to make it look expensive and chic.

When you have an odd shaped item to wrap, instead of messily wrapping paper round it, try carefully wrapping it in some nice tissue paper and placing it inside a gift box.  This looks much tidier and gives off a better impression than a poorly wrapped mess!  For extra fanciness, why not add some sequins inside the box and tie a special ribbon around the box?

If you have several small items to give instead of one large one, wrap each one separately and place inside a gift bag to keep them together.  Try choosing coordinating wrapping paper, or have the same pattern in different colours.  Again, using nice ribbon can make a big difference here.