Ironing For Ever & A Day To Clear A Space For Life

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I did a small favour for a daughter the other week.  Whilst dog and house sitting I tackled the baine of her life – the ironing mountain. . . .   My daughter was of course very grateful and protested loudly that I should never have tackled such a grim job.   I reassured her that although it seemed a bit hot and steamy doing a dozen school shirts for her.  The thought of her driving back from the south of France with 3 teens aboard with all their newly made washing  only to have to tackle an existing mountain was more than I could comprehend!   I was happily sticking to my task – once you’ve done one shirt, another 11 seem like child’s play.  Then I tackled the secondary mountain of huge t-shirts for another chap.  Finally I tackled the sheets and pillow cases which were only singles.  These were then placed in very neat piles on the dining table as that is huge and could accommodate a mass of tidily folded items.  Imagine my joy when the other day the postman rang the bell and he was gleefully holding out a flowers by Post box and in it were some truly stunning blooms.  My daughter had found all the ironed stuff when they got in from an absolute nightmare journey home  and arranged the perfect thank you gift for someone who just irons til they drop!