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How The Secret Santa Approach Can Save The Day

There have been some changes in the way families approach the gift buying for whole tribes of family members.  At one time there was almost a need for presents to be bought for every child of every family friend.  This tailed off a so only the offspring of immediate family friends were catered for.  Then gradually with folk drifting apart more – eeping up with each others’ lives by way of social media and other electronic means, the obligation to provide present for every occasion has too gone by the wayside.

Many families find the ‘secret santa’ idea quite appealing these days.  As in an office, where these schemes work best, everyone who wishes to participate puts their name in the hat and a spending limit agreed.   Each person is allocated one of the others to buy for, up to that spending limit.  Using a dedicated online giftware site eliminates hassle and makes it all an absolute breeze.

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