How A Living Gift Kicked Into Healthy Lifestyle

Healthy lifestyle . . . now there’s a phrase that we hear constantly emitting from radio stations.  Either at the forefront of a serious mainstream broadcast or in amongst the headline grabbing chat show topics.  I see it regularly in any of the eclectic range of magazines that I still subscribe to.   However, one person’s healthy lifestyle can mean something entirely different to someone else . . . .  One younger relative of mine has indeed turned his ways to reflect a very much healthier lifestyle than a couple of years ago – he looks amazing.  Gone is the flab, he’s several kilos lighter and his clothes are 3 sizes smaller.  He also looks much younger too.   I know that his regime was brought about by way of a gift. . . .  his partner had noted an aura of dissatisfaction with his wellbeing after much business stress and bought him a cookery course involving keto foods.  From then on, they’ve not looked back.  What an achievement – healthy lifestyle and a successful gifting idea in one!