Holiday Shortfall Created Healthier Lifestyle

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Many moons ago, camping was the only hoiday choice for us – hotels and guest houses were quite beyond our reach.  We became pretty resourceful with one small tent, a camp kitchen comprising storage boxes for shelves with an L shaped unit for the washing up area and a sturdy table holding the vital two burner camping gas stove.  We walked and biked everywhere in those days, seeking out free food from farm shops to go with whatever sliced meat was on our menu.  How things have improved!  On a recent staycation in deepest East Anglia, I was absolutely smitten with the locality of my glamping unit.  Slap bang in the middle of a gorgeous little orchard at the back of a stable yard.   Although I used my trusty motor to get me to the nearest market town, I was deleriously happy to mooch about in the orchard around me – so many different types of fruit and up the road was a farm shop selling locally produced veg, I was in my own little health concious heaven!