Helping Poor Dad Score Highly In The Gifting Stakes

Choosing the right present for someone can be such a struggle at times.  We all have those difficult to please relatives – often mothers…..  My poor old dad was always in a state of anxiety when mother’s birthday approached and he would wring his hands constantly worrying about what to get her this year.  I can’t remember many of his presents, although very carfully chosen and bought with love, every actually hitting the mark and he would sit looking sorrowfully embarrassed at making another gaff!  One year he asked my sister and me if there was anything that mum had mentioned in the previous few weeks.  We mentioned that she’d said the iron wasn’t as efficient as it had been . . . . . oh dear.  The outcome was not good!  If only he’d had access to this fantastic site – so many brilliant gifts, flowers; perfumery products;  all in one place and hours of time to choose the exact gift for success!