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Giving Chocolate Coated Heaven For Special Mums

A very significant pair of dates is looming in my direction – so significant in fact that to make an error in my chice of gift could be catastrophic.  So this year I am taking no chances and for the best mum and her daughter, I have taken inspiration from a fantastic new range of sites dedicating themselves to answering everyone’s greatest present buying nightmare.  The mother and best aunt, or the mother and grandmother scenario.

I have been really impressed with the amazing selection of ideas which frankly never come freely into my brain when it really matters.  So to have a great choice of experience days, cookery or driving, sightseeing, kayaking – rifle shooting – absolutely incredible schees available and when you buy a pair of presents together, they make such snese and value.  I have to say that the chocolate making ones do hit the note very highly in our house.

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