Gift Headaches – Solving Online

This is a seriously busy time of year in my family.  We’ve endured the annual ritual of the christmas pressie fest with all the excesses that entails and now, one week in to the new year I am faced with buying several birthday items.  One selection will be vital to get right.  A sibling’s has reached a mammoth number with a zero . . .  Funny how we do always assume to make more fuss over those isn’t it.   The problem of a suitable gift has caused headaches this time though.  A few years ago we agreed to limit the exchange gifts as I unilaterally decided everyone had everything they needed anyway.  This has to be abandoned though for special events.  The sibling still exchanges gifts with other members so at christmas received lots of night attire, jigsaws, slippers etc. etc.  I have decided to explore some of the more unusual gift ideas online.  There are some great experience days out there and this is the time for me to actually get into the groove as it were!