Crockery & Glassware Make Forever Presents

I’ve just spent this last weekend looking after my neighbour’s dog.  This was so the whole family could go off to a family wedding some miles away.  Usually one of them stays behind to look after the hound.  I had a fab time and so did the furry friend.  We went off for very early morning walkies – because the weather had proven the forecasters right – hottest weekend of the year so far. . . . .   When the family came home, they’d enjoyed the wedding but had been exhausted in the unrelenting heat – in the reception marquee.  The daughter had been fascinated by everything connected with the bride – from her pretty dress to sophisticate hair style etc.  The wonderful array of wedding present hadn’t gone unnoticed either.  Very plain but elegant dinner service with matching vegetable dishes and lids and lots of it.   There were also sturdy and practical drinking glasses and lots of hard wearing pans.  No plastic items noticed at all.  The wave towards sustainability has gripped us at last!