Clear The Head . . . And The Air With A Hike

After the ghastly couple of years we’ve experienced, it is really great to be able to get out to visit towns and villages again.  Not quite with the same gay abandon of old but we can still enjoy mooching around what’s left of the artisan shops and village outlets.  Providing for a healthy lifestyle has now become a massive industry and there are all manner of enterprises now selling products for the enhancement of our bodies, our fincances and particularly our mental wellbeing.  Being able to stay in a country cottage and go for long walks or bike rides has always been popular – amongst the very busiest of couples.  Now these same breaks away include all sorts of other escape mechanisms – head massages, therapies, cookery classes, vocational courses and some times just the chance to really shut out the real world.  I know someone who has a very hectic day job and thinks nothing of hiking for days at a time for a solid dose of relaxation and head clearing!