Changing Gift Buying To Help Protect Youngsters

Wiooh what a strange summer we’re having, one minute we are blown from pillar to post with wind swept hair and craggy faces.  The same afternoon we can be baking in unremitting sun.  The global warming phrase has crept up on us and we have to try to adapt to suit all conditions.  In my youth, we children only had to slap on the sun protection on the beach as somehow it never seemed obvious that we should be covered in it from the very start of the warmer weather.  Today’s youngsters should not be out without protective playsuits, hats,sun glasses and loads of factor 50 etc.  It is very wise from a cancer protection point of view, but it does rather put an outing into the ‘can we be bothered’ category.  This is where thoughtful relatives can help, but finding useful and helpful, novelty but fully operational sun protection items for the caring but harassed mum and dad.