Celebrity Docs Needed To Cut Glutinous Lifestyles

Like so many other folk across the globe, I found I was putting on podge around my hips and middle area due to not taking enough exercise of body or mind – particularly in the direction of stuffing myself with naughty goodies!  It’s a known problem that’s going to have major repercussions down the line.  I was watching a tv programme by a well known doctor who has made a very good addition to his medical career by becoming the ‘go to’ celebrity voice for healthy lifestyles.  The latest series is directly concerning the effects of being overweight in relation to the covid19 situation.  Five willing guinea pigs who felt they’d expanded dangerously through inactivity and over eating have been tested, weighed etc and sent home with diet plans to drastically cut their intake and make a stab at losing a stone in 21 days.  Great idea and we followed their highs and lows on video.  Healthy lifestyle products are a huge secotr of the market these days and getting the best and safest deals takes some research!