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Unique Birthday Adventure On The Cards

This year I have shifted away from the conventional birthday present for my daughter – she was thirty recently and the subject of a gloriously happy and present filled party.  I decided to do a mother and daughter themed jaunt to the capital . . . . .  visiting our old stomping ground from happy days when we worked in opposite ends of one train Read More →

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Strange Happenings At Long Lost Reunions

I have just recently been thrilled to meet up with some relatives that have been absent from our lives for some years.   The laughter and chit chat was wonderful – even folk not connected directly to the family were swept up in the general love and affection – it was a wonderful do and everybody came away 100% happier and more content with their little Read More →

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Mum-Daughter Bond Strengthened In Adversity

When my pal’s daughter was gearing up to leave school at 18, she had made plans to go straight into a military band to get her musical career off to a flying start.  As it happened, she got her A level results she rang her mum to announce she would be taking up one of the music degree options at university instead as the grade Read More →

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Inspirational Gifts Reflect Mum & Daughter

In my  youth my sisters and I used to fret and worry whenever mothers day approached and the need for the perfect gift seemed an overwhelming distraction to my usual school/play/homework/play routine.    It was only in my mid years, when caring for mother that I discovered she always hated the mothers day routine because she knew how stressed we felt by desperaly wanting to order Read More →


90th Birthday Gift Needs Expert Ideas

Ah the happy tinkling of drinkies on the patio of an evening . . . .   that moment when you can swan around your garden with attendees to your baby shower / gift party demonstration whatever.   There is something very special about having a summer party, whatever the occasion.   Happy joyous laughter and a feeling of well being.  This brings to mind the gift Read More →

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Giving Chocolate Coated Heaven For Special Mums

A very significant pair of dates is looming in my direction – so significant in fact that to make an error in my chice of gift could be catastrophic.  So this year I am taking no chances and for the best mum and her daughter, I have taken inspiration from a fantastic new range of sites dedicating themselves to answering everyone’s greatest present buying nightmare.  Read More →

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Getting Mums The Presents They Deserve

Summer months are nearly here – the winter has now fizzled out and good riddance too we all chorus.  The winter blues can be a little bit hard to endure sometimes.  The weather is always a difficulty – who can really look their best when they’ve been tossed around the high street in a forc 6 gale, umbrellas a kimbo and the hairdo looking a Read More →

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Special Gifts For Delightful Mums And Daughters

The need for the perfect present present anxiety amongst most husbands and boyfriends when particular dates in the calender approach.  There is the birthday, Christmas, Easter and of course, two very unmissable dates.  One will never alter, wherever the chap moves to  –  Mother’s Day.  This has to be seen as an unmoveable feast and for a smooth, happy relationship where Mum is always constantly Read More →

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Mothering Sunday Creeps Ever Nearer

You have just got over one fraught present buying expedition – not too bad this time.  You bought the item you saw your special lady hinting at and for the most part, she seemed pretty content.  So you can relax for a little while.  No, don’t think so.  .  .  .  there are the combined evils of valentine’s day and Mother’s Day or Mothering Sunday Read More →

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How The Secret Santa Approach Can Save The Day

There have been some changes in the way families approach the gift buying for whole tribes of family members.  At one time there was almost a need for presents to be bought for every child of every family friend.  This tailed off a so only the offspring of immediate family friends were catered for.  Then gradually with folk drifting apart more – eeping up with Read More →

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