Good Online Fitness Ramps Up Wellness

With the restrictions to normal life that lockdown has produced, it’seasy to lose all regular routine and envelope a lazier and completely unhealthy lifestyle.  So, what to do. . . .   Online videos are a superb way to get back into a  routine.  Lots of folk don’t want to go outside, fearing catching of the virus, others are plain idle.  So looking out for properly qualified online fitness gerus and following a regular daily routine can be an exellent and pretty safe alternative.  Look for someone who mentions credentials.  If they say they’re army trained, then it’s easy enough to research that.  Another I like is a US based woman doctor;  she has a full disclaimer at the start of all her vids and clearly explains every exercise and  what you should be able to achieve – no celebrity waffle.  Sticking with a varied routine that includes all areas of the body is excellent for mental agility too.  Core stability and balance are critical to everything we tackle in life and making ourselves look good relies on walking upright and with confidence.  Slumping as a couch potato in front of daytime tv is never going to help!