Buying Home Produced Saves Some Carbon Footprinting

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Ahh yes this can be a prarticularly tricky time of the year for the naive gift buyer.  February used to contain one day that would spike the carefree gift buying intentions of the average boyfriend . . . All he’d need to do to keep his lady friend sweet would be to buy a couple of red roses on valentine’s day and for birthday and christmas, anything else that appealed to  him and her.  However these days it’s very easy to make a mistake by not buying her a bunch bigger than her bgf. .    But he can do the proper thing by talking to said godzilla up front and reminding her that these roses all have to come in from abroad – usually Holland from somewhere very much cheaper to start with – using perhaps slave labour to grow and pick them and imprinting a huge carbon footprint. . . .   So voila, he puts her off the idea of imported roses and he can take his time to browse favourite gifting sites and pick the perfect home grown or manufactured gift and score a million points whilst helping to cut the rose growing carbon footprint.