Brisk Walkies Along To The Greengrocer

At the moment we are all trying to keep to a healthy lifestyle but frankly unless we’re also saintly, this is proviing to be much more of a challenge than some thought.   I have taken positive steps to ensure I make the most of each shopping trip.  I only take the car down town once a week parking in one of the town car parks that is away from the high street.  I then take my trusted shopping trolley and briskly walk up to the small parade of shop including the one remaining greengrocer and the butcher.    I plan my meals for the week ahead and this forms my shopping list.  The wide variety of produce and the very friendsly shopkeepers encourage me to try different veg and fruit, very few are wrapped in polythene bags, Everything is really fresh and and I get a proper walk from the car and back.    I realise now how very precious the local shops are and if we don’t use them, we’ll definitely lose them.