Bringing The Goods To Your Door For Calmer Shopping

Oh my goodness have we had a Christmas and a half.  Nothing went very well – apart from the catering on the ciritcal days – that was all delicious and cooked to perfection, rather than to within an inch of it’s life, as so many Christmas dinners end up!    I’d been invited to join the next door family for an drinkies, cocktails were the order of the day.  Jolly good fun was had all round  the amazing array of boxes and oddly shaped parcels under the tree made us realise the purpose of being there.  Trying to shop with kiddies around is very difficult – far better to have note pad in hand and a list of who needs presents.  Organising this kind of thing online is just so much more convenient.  There is a tremendous range out there and everything come to your door, not the other way roud.   A brilliant idea altogeher.