Balancing Online Shopping With Needs Of Others

The upsurge in online buying has brought the world to our own front doors.  The choice of what we wear, where we buy it has now meant we just go online and find exactly what we want and it arrives within a day or so and all the traipsing around shops seems to be becoming far less appealing and necessary.  Obviously there are now many older folk who are not computer savvy and really hate the reduction in choice of shops down the high street.  Whereas there would always be two or three bakers and greengrocery shops, today the main high street is lucky to have one of each and the rest of the shops are now turf accountants, charity shops or vaping parlours.   The major chain stores have themselves to blame – the number of times I’ve been in a store, happily selecting garments to try on, and the music is interrupted by the shop’s advertising machinery – imploring me to shop online for a bigger rangejust click and collect.  This reduces the number of staff they need to employ but it’s also reducing the footfall through their front doors.   We need to take a step back and balance our convenience of using online with that of others who don’t have the means or desire to lose physical shopping.