Baby Shower Brings New Use For Historic Orangery

I was visiting my local heritage historic house the other day – meeting up with free service colleagues for a social catch up on who can offer this date or that session.  We were able to use the education centre which is a fabulously modernised stable block as was.  It’s really for the coach loads of school children that the house attracts each term, but occassionally we get a chance to use the super duper facilities.  In the Oraganery all fantastically decorated with floral bouquets and ribbons, was a baby shower party.  This was quite a new thing for me to see – I’ve got pretty used to this american import taking an important part in the weeks before baby arrives.  To have such a do in a historic house, complete with the most fantastic Afternoon Tea was quite something.  My mouth was watering when the cake stands were being uncovered ready for the guests and donors to the new baby.