Dad’s World Made Much Easier With Online Gifting

We all like to have some special gift for our birthdays and possibly for Christmas too.   For most men this point is a matter of crisis when they want to please their lady wife, or lady friend.  Nothing is more unsettling for the poor chap though than not being sure that he’s on the right track with his intended gifts.   My dad used to quiz my sisters and me about the very thorny problem of getting it exactly right for our mum.   Poor old boy never did get it right on most occasions – his presents would be opened with the familiar shot across the bows that suggested he’d be in hot water again if he failed this time.  History suggests that happened rather often.    Whether the poor man didn’t ever ask or had tried doing so and been castigated, we were never sure.  If only poor dad had the joy and certainty of online giftware buying – oh how much easier and more cheerful his little world would have been!