Plump For Board Games For Fail Safe Pressie

I was getting a gift for a nine year old lass – I don’t really know much about her really but as a favour to someone, I said I’d get it.  Wracked brains and scurrying online for what the up to date young Miss must have didn’t produce the helpful suggestions I hoped for.  However, remembering her liking of the Roal Dahl books, I set about checking out the local toy and gift store.  My word there were some amazing ideas in there.  After much chatting to the absolute expert in all things suitable for 9 years old girls, I plumped for a board game – from the series of books by the latter day RD . . . .  a certain DW and hilariously named gangster granny.  As the relative was the girls paternal gran, this struck me as most appropriate.  I had spent a couple of afternoons with the lass and her brother, playing another board game in fact – buying and selling dog breeds so I hope my endeavours paid off!