90th Birthday Gift Needs Expert Ideas

Ah the happy tinkling of drinkies on the patio of an evening . . . .   that moment when you can swan around your garden with attendees to your baby shower / gift party demonstration whatever.   There is something very special about having a summer party, whatever the occasion.   Happy joyous laughter and a feeling of well being.  This brings to mind the gift Read More →

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Giving Chocolate Coated Heaven For Special Mums

A very significant pair of dates is looming in my direction – so significant in fact that to make an error in my chice of gift could be catastrophic.  So this year I am taking no chances and for the best mum and her daughter, I have taken inspiration from a fantastic new range of sites dedicating themselves to answering everyone’s greatest present buying nightmare.  Read More →

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Getting Mums The Presents They Deserve

Summer months are nearly here – the winter has now fizzled out and good riddance too we all chorus.  The winter blues can be a little bit hard to endure sometimes.  The weather is always a difficulty – who can really look their best when they’ve been tossed around the high street in a forc 6 gale, umbrellas a kimbo and the hairdo looking a Read More →

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Special Gifts For Delightful Mums And Daughters

The need for the perfect present present anxiety amongst most husbands and boyfriends when particular dates in the calender approach.  There is the birthday, Christmas, Easter and of course, two very unmissable dates.  One will never alter, wherever the chap moves to  –  Mother’s Day.  This has to be seen as an unmoveable feast and for a smooth, happy relationship where Mum is always constantly Read More →

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Mothering Sunday Creeps Ever Nearer

You have just got over one fraught present buying expedition – not too bad this time.  You bought the item you saw your special lady hinting at and for the most part, she seemed pretty content.  So you can relax for a little while.  No, don’t think so.  .  .  .  there are the combined evils of valentine’s day and Mother’s Day or Mothering Sunday Read More →

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How The Secret Santa Approach Can Save The Day

There have been some changes in the way families approach the gift buying for whole tribes of family members.  At one time there was almost a need for presents to be bought for every child of every family friend.  This tailed off a so only the offspring of immediate family friends were catered for.  Then gradually with folk drifting apart more – eeping up with Read More →

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How To Source That Special Gift Each & Every Time

In the old days when things like perfume were seriously expensive and far out of the reach of the ordinary male, and a range of eau de toilette was generally the best that could be offered, the selection of alternative gifts was also pretty limited.  There have always been gorgeous floral bouquets of course, but before the days of instant delivery from anywhere in the Read More →


Girly Gifts Are Needed Soon So Get Browsing OnLine

One of the greatest challenges known to mankind is buying the right gift for those critically important girls in our lives.   It will never be a case of just popping down the high street and getting any old present that falls off the shelf in front of your very eyes.  The perfect gift for wives, girlfriends and daughters is the subject of many hours Read More →


Time When A Magic Gift Buying Wand Could Be So Appreciated

Does the prospect of having to buy the perfect pressie for the vips in your life fill you with doom and gloom every year – yes, it is fast approaching the season of goodwill to all mankind, but more particularly to the little lady and the usually, not so little daughter.  These presents are on the whole, the most critical you are likely to need Read More →

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When Kitchenware Makes Excellent Gifts For The Ladies In Your Life

What makes a woman’s kitchen livelier? Obviously, the products that are  in the kitchen eans it is easy to find exactly the right product for every process, be it the washing of utensils, the cooking of food or the cutting of vegetables. These products have made cooking simpler and interesting. There are many and various knives for cutting and chopping different items, so many new Read More →

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